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-   ABOUT US  -

We started farming in 2009, moving from Wisconsin to Oregon.  We participated in a farmer training program on a goat dairy making fresh cheese and selling at local farmers' markets in Southern Oregon.  After a year of the internship, we moved back to Wisconsin and rented an acre of land and started a small vegetable operation servicing the local restaurant scene we had left behind.  Our cheesemaker, Jonny, also went to the Center for Dairy Research and learned about the science of cheese.  In 2012, we were looking for land of our own to start a small creamery and had the opportunity to take on an 85 acre lease back in Southern Oregon.  The snow level that year in Wisconsin was over 120 inches and we took about 30 seconds to decide to move back.  We started with one sweet Jersey cow named Loretta.  We hand milked and made cheese in our home sink for several years until our neighbors started to consistently demand it and buy it.  In 2015, we started construction on our own creamery and today we milk 21 Grass-Fed Jersey Cows and make artisan cheese by hand.  You can find us locally at our food co-ops, restaurants and four farmers' markets each week in the Rogue Valley.

Reason For Cheese'n

Artisan Cheese from Grass-Fed Jersey Cows